rosy days

It has been completely and utterly gorgeous the past few days. Perfect temperature, flowers blooming all over the place and a cool breeze occasionally rippling through the emerald-green leaves of the many trees in our neighborhood.

So what do I do on such perfect days?

I go photo-crazy.

did I forget to mention that none of these are edited except for this one?
and this one is edited too...
*happy sigh* I. love. summer!

What's your favorite thing to photograph in summer?



  1. Gorgeous roses!!! The 2nd picture is my favorite!! <3

    The weather has been amazing here too!! Besides the cold morning! :P Blech! Why can't those go away!!?? But in the 70's or 80's every day! :D

    Ummm... I like anything!! Ohmygosh, long grass, flowers, dew, chicks, bunnies, trees, etc. :)


  2. i LVOE roses!
    Beautiful job girly!


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