the prize

Remember I said that there would be a prize for the photo challenge? Well, here it is:

The winner gets $25 shop credit to Sophia Pip Jewelry, an etsy shop with some of the most gorgeous jewelry ever. Let's get to know Miss Sophia, shall we?

The Original Papa Tags -  2 Custom Name Tags

How long have you been interested in making jewelry?

- I got started about 3 years ago - I was hanging out with a friend who had just opened a gallery and she had a copy of the latest Rio Grande Jewelry Supply catalogue. One look at all the sparkly stuff and all the toys and I was hooked. Making jewelry allows me to channel two of my passions: shopping for shiny object and playing with fire. =)

Where do you get your inspiration?

- I really like playing with shapes and forms; so many times I'd be sitting at my worktable at the end of the day with a pile of scraps in front of me and all of a sudden I'd be like "Those discs look so cool together! I wonder what would happen if I stack them like this ...". That would be the seed of an idea. Next thing you know, dinner plans are out the door and the boyfriend is ordering Chinese take-out. 

What other things do you enjoy doing?

- My dog and I like going to the dog park at least a couple of times a week, but it is about a 20 minute drive, so I try to coincide it with trips to the post office so as to minimize ye olde carbon footprint. I also like to bake - cakes, cookies, pies, bread ... I'm a carb junkie! I'm always on the lookout for the next "Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe.

Custom Listing for Tammom

Sweet Magnolia - Sterling Necklace with Baroque Pearls

A Bouquet of Tearoses

Are you excited yet? Cause I would be ;) So go enter the photo challenge for your chance to win this fabulous prize!



  1. Yay! So happy I entered!!!! :D

  2. Ooh, I think I may enter! *grabs camera*

    Luv ya!
    ~ b


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