the unbelievably epic bohemian photo shoot

right now I'm just going to post photos of me, Kate and one of my best friends Jodie because I need to get permission from my other friend's mom to post pictures of her on my blog :)

um, do i have to say how much i LOVE braided headbands?

LOVE this picture of Jodie. She's so photogenic!

probably my favorite photo of me ever ;)

I. love. bohemian. everything. This photo shoot was pretty much my dream photo shoot. I so hope that I'm able to post pictures of my other bestie ;)
Which photo is your favorite?


p.s. how do you like my new haircut? :)


  1. cute pictures!! I like them all and your haircut is adorable!

  2. cute photos! I love them all. They are all so cute! ;)

  3. these are sooo cute!! you guys look beautiful!! and you're right jodie is really photogenic!!! ;)


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