Baseball is slowing down for the season, now it's time for all the tournaments to kick in. Mark's playing his championship game tonight against one of his good friends. Wish them luck!

Also, regarding the design, I'm thinking I should go with a plain white background instead of this pink one, and maybe a photo header but still stick with same basic colors. Thoughts?

p.s. the entries for for the blog design giveaway ends on June 30th! Go enter now :)


  1. Thoughts on new design ideas. YES! Not that I don't like this one but even though I don't have one myself...I have a thing for photo headers.

  2. Good luck to Mark!

    I really like the colors of your blog--and the pink background looks good to me. :)

  3. Hey! Could you please email me (dancingprincess1027@gmail.com) if I win your giveaway? I'm going to be gone today (the 30th, I believe) through Monday the 4th of July. Thanks!


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