the past few days

The past few days have consisted of...

1. making frappuccinos. The actual Starbucks recipe! Um, can you say total money saver?

2. hanging out with friends. Seriously, I love my friends, they're just too awesome...

3. obsessing over bohemian stuff
I've truly been obsessing. You can ask anyone. I've even veered my jewelry making activities to go in a more bohemian direction. I'll post photos of a necklace I made soon! By the way, I think this might be the third post in a row I've said something about bohemian awesomeness.....

4. reviewing shoots
I actually really like doing this, I love to see where i need to improve my shooting/editing skills:

5. what I wouldn't do
Totally love this song:

The end



  1. what?!? share the recipe, PLEASE!!!

  2. AhhhhH! PLEASE share recipe please!!!

  3. goodness, i adore that song. it is unbelievably whimsical. i have it on my ipod!


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