Some More Random Ramblings

1. Should I post some of my outfits?
Would you guys like to see an occasional outfit of mine? Vote on the poll on the sidebar!

2. Design change.
Yeah, I know what your thinking: "Why can't this girl make up her mind about a blog design?" Well first of all, I love graphic designing and if I get a new idea I want to put it into use right away. Second, I'm kinda sick of this design. What are your thoughts on a design change?

3. Name Change.
Alright guys, this is major. I'm pondering the idea of changing my blog name. Yeah, that'd be a pretty huge change and I want your opinions :)

Sorry this was a super short post without photos but I needed to get those questions out there.


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  1. As for the name change, I like the title as it is now--but if you feel like a big change like that would be good for the blog, I don't have anything against it.


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