The Art of Making Christmas Gifts

Yes my friends, making Christmas gifts is an art. An art that's extremely challenging, but very fun. All morning I've been working on gifts for friends. I have most of them done but have a few more things to come up with/make. Like I said, I was making gifts all morning but I didn't take a single photo *dodges things that are being thrown at me*.
I know, I know, I've scolded myself enough already. But I would love to here what you're making for people!
Also, I have a HUGE surprise for you guys! Unfortunately it will be after Christmas, but I'll give you all the details when I say what it is.
Okay, this post just looks naked without a photo so..............

The above photos are from a different crafting project :)
Do you buy or make your gifts?



  1. oh, I can't wait to find out what the surprise is! =D
    I usually make most of my gifts, but when I have the money and/or I know that someone really wants something I may buy it. =)
    I love the focus of the first photo--aren't beads one of the most fun photography subjects?! you can be so creative with them. =P

    Love in Christ,

    P.S. I really love your new design! =)

  2. I usually buy one gift for everyone in my family and make one gift for everyone in my family.
    I love the pictures :)


  3. Nice pictures!

    I love making jewelry too!
    I like the blue project in the second picture :)



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