Crafting Has Sucked Me Into it's Beautiful World

It's true. Once I started to make Christmas presents the crafting part of my brain kept tugging at my hands to just make one more bracelet, or one more pair of earrings. I could go on and on about all the things I want to make but right now I'm totally hooked on clay pendants. I just started to make these this morning and it's so easy/fun I banged out ten in a couple hours.

This one is the very first one that I made. It's unfinished.
To make them, all you have to do is take 2 pieces if clay and roll them together until they look like one ball of clay with two different colors. Flatten the ball and poke a hole near the edge of it. Then take a toothpick or a piece of wire and go crazy with a design. When I'm making the design I enter my happy place, I mean it's just pure bliss for me. Then just bake the clay at the temperature it's supposed to be baked at (it usually says on the clay package) and ta-da! You have an extremely cute pendant for a necklace.

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