In Which I Show You What I've Been Drawing/Painting

The title says it all, so on with the pictures..........
I really, really like this one! Hopefully she'll become a character for a future story soon!

This next one is pretty normal (by "normal" I mean no pointy ears :]).................

Another elv-ish person.
And finally a self portrait:
It somewhat looks like me when I'm smiling, but it's nothing spectacular. I heard somewhere that if you make 5,000 self portraits (maybe it was 500....?) you will be a professional artist. I think this one is number four.............. :)
Do you ever draw self portraits?

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  1. Those are great! The last is my favorite though.

  2. *laughs* I did draw self-potraits. Until I realized it looked nothing like myself. The sadness of art - you seemed to have more luck than I did. ;) I shall just stick to doodling...

  3. *love* drawing :)

    Self potraits? We do those for school (homeschool) on the first day of school every year.

    I love draw pictures of other people too. Realistic or not. Mostly I try to be realistic although for art two days ago we did modern art. You know, weird realistic. Ish... hee,hee. Hard to explain.

  4. BTW you are a V.E.R.Y GOOD ARTIST! My oh my!!!


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