Craving a Photo Shoot

It's nearly driving me mad! I simply must go out on a photo shoot with someone! Last night my two cousins had a sleep over with us and this morning I suggested a winter photo shoot. It was freezing out and that idea was eliminated but then we thought we could get a couple white sheets and put them around the living room. We were all set with the outfits and the lights and props and everything but then we discovered something:

We don't own any white sheets.

I know. It's crazy.

So we ended up not having a photo shoot at all. Bummer. Anyway, here are some Christmas tree ornament  photos that I forgot to post:

How do you like my shnazzy new watermark? ;)


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  1. I lo-ove photoshoots as well! :)

    I love the watermark! You're right - it is 'shnazzy'! :)



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