Don't take your blessings for granted (help others)

So last night I was lying in my bed, just thinking and dreaming, like I do every night before I go to sleep, and I suddenly, randomly thought: I'm lying here in this comfortable bed with a nice soft pillow with a fan blowing on me and I take it all for granted. There are kids starving to death all over the world. There are kids who have to sleep on the ground every night in the blazing heat.

And I felt an overwhelming sense of emotion, knowing how blessed I was and wondering why God chose   me to be this blessed.
So I started to daydream, or rather "night-dream" :) and I thought of what I could do to help. Just to help a little bit.
I thought of bake sales, lemonade stands, selling my photography and my jewelry.
Because every penny counts.
I was imagining every tiny detail of the sale and decided to myself: I am going to do this soon.

And I know I'll get support. My family will be behind me 100% and my  friends will too I'm pretty sure.
Especially my two close friends. I have a friend who's mom has breast cancer so she'll be all for it and my other friend will definitely help.
I really have such great friends :)

So if you want to join me in this fundraising phase, here are some rules that I think are necessary

1. Keep your prices relatively low.
Usually if you sell lemonade for 25 cents people just throw an extra buck or two at you, but if you sell it for like, $1.50 they will either a) pay for it without tipping or b) drive right past you.

2. Make sure you're on a busy street.
Chances are that if your on a dead-end street you'll only make a couple sales :) Luckily I live on a good street and there's even a triangular island thing where three roads meet so I could even set up there.

3. Make sure your products/food is worth buying!
Don't sell bad stuff. No one wants sour lemonade or stale cookies or a bracelet that will break in an hour. Enough said.

4. Make your stand look pretty.
Umbrellas, signs and other brightly colored things will help with this. Also, make sure you have a big enough table. I once drove past two girls who put their lemonade and cups on the ground. Um, ew. :P

5. Make it clear that all the proceeds will be going to charity.
That way the customers will be more generous :)

6. Have fun!!

So get to it! And let me know how it turns out!


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  2. Hey, I'd love to email you about the contest stuff. Can I get your email? Thanks!

  3. Hayhay:
    my email can be found on my profile page and/or on my blog. Just click on "send me a message" in the pages section!


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