A new addiction!

I have a new favorite summer/fall/spring sport:

>>>ULTIMATE FRISBEE!!!!!!!<<< *screams*

Yes, dear readers, I am now in love with ultimate frisbee. Very in love. We have been playing frisbee instead of rundown (which was my favorite) and honestly, I haven't missed rundown at all. Now, if you've played rundown you'll know how amazingly awesome it is. Frisbee is that and then some. Here's how to play:

1. Get your siblings and a bunch of neighbors

2. Get a good frisbee

3. Explain the rules to your neighbors

4. Have fun!!!

Ultimate frisbee is sort of like football only there's no tackling and instead of a football there's a frisbee. There's a kickoff (or rather, in this case, a throw off.) and the receiving team tries to score a touchdown. If the receiving team drops the frisbee then the other team gets it. Also, whoever is holding the frisbee they can only take three steps towards their end-zone and then they have to pass it. Whoever is blocking the person with the frisbee has to stand at arms length (this rule is often broken but no one really cares).
Thats basically all there is to it. If I didn't make myself clear enough then just google "ultimate frisbee rules" and I'm sure it'll come up!

And one more thing (not concerning frisbee):

My left eye has been bothering me for a few weeks now, it being swollen and sometimes  pink and sore, and I have to get it checked soon. We're pretty sure that it's not pink eye and I'm a bit concerned. So say a prayer and cross your fingers that its not some kind of infection. :(((

Until next time!

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