I'm BAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!

Yes blog world, I have returned! My vacation was amazing, relaxing and just generally fun.

At first being by myself was strange, but after the first day I was perfectly fine.
Did I cry when my family drove away? Almost.
Did I cry when I had to leave my aunt's? Almost.
Did I cry when I saw my family waiting for me in a parking lot? Did I cry when I saw Mark hanging out the window waving and then dancing around like a maniac when we pulled into the parking lot? Did I cry when they all came running towards me? Did I cry when they gave me a huge group hug?
Of course not. :)
I didn't snap too many photos at my aunt's but when I was at the mountains with my family I went crazy :)

Above is a picture of Pink Piggy. I've had her since I was a baby and of course she had to come ;)
When me and my grandma and my other great aunt were driving to meet my family we stopped at a bead store. 
It. Was. So. Beautiful. In. There.
And then in the mountains:

"I'm the tin man!"

For a week I read, wrote, drew, took photos, watched TV and enjoyed my peace and quiet. I said to my mom, "I could easily have stayed for another week." (Just because it was so relaxing, nothing against my family!)
I hope I get to do it next year!! And I got a very special gift from my aunt. I don't feel comfortable posting the gift here so if you would care to know, just shoot me an email!


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  2. Awesome pictures...looks like you had a blast!!



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