100 Blessings

Olive Tree@(of)HorseFeathers made a new thing called 100 blessings. Feel free to take the banner and do it along with me!

I am blessed because.........

1. I have a great family thats always there for me
2. I can write novels/short stories
3. I have a camera
4. I have a bed to sleep in every night
5. I have a roof over my head
6. I have an iPod touch
7. I'm not allergic to anything (so far!)
8. I can blog!
9. I have over 30 followers! Thanks guys!
10. I have some skill in drawing/painting
11. I'm perfectly healthy (at the moment)
12. I'm having lunch soon :)
13. I live in a fantastic friendly neighborhood that I've lived in my whole life
14. I'm athletic
15. I've never broken a bone
16. I don't have to wear glasses (not that I would mind too much, but I'm glad that my eyes are healthy)
17. I got to visit my great aunt for a week by myself
18. I've made some friends over the internet
19. I have a chance of being a photographer for Bloom! Magazine
20. I have amazing friends
21. My brother is the cutest 8-year-old boy on earth 
22. My sister is the funniest person on earth (not to mention dramatic)
23. My other brother is the most fun-to-be-with almost 12-year-old-boy on earth
24. I have the best parents on earth
25. I know God is watching over me

Your turn! Take the banner and write 25 of your blessings!
Time for lunch :)


  1. Hey Hannah!

    I have never done the scrolling pictures on my sidebar, so I honestly have no idea how to do it, but I found a great tutorial for you!
    Just go to the link above and I hope it works for you!

    love in Christ,


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