Messing around in Photoshop :)

Bonjour readers! Thanks so much for all of your "get well" notes! I really appreciate them :)
Well, I have spent two hours this morning trying to figure out how to make a blog background and I (of course) failed again :) so when I got tired of being confused and frustrated I decided to go into Photoshop and mess around with some scrapbooking kits!

The page above used to be a very light pink with darker pink polka dots! I wish I could show you it in its original colors but I didn't make a copy *frowns*.

These are part of the same kit as the first. I tried hard to get them to match :)

This used to be a nice blue-ish color and, honestly, I liked it better the first way :)

moving along................
 I saved the best one for last! Don't you love it?! It used to be pink/orang/yellow, but I like it much better this way!

Which kit is your favorite?


  1. Hey I know how! Here is a quick tutorial to get a blog background up!

    1.Go to your dashboard
    2.Go to Tools and Resourses
    3.Click "Blogger in Draft"
    4.Your dashboard should update
    5.Check the box that says "Make Blogger in Draft my default dashboard"
    6.Go to your blog.
    7.Go to template designer
    8.Click "backgrounds"
    9.Click the arrow that's next to a box with a picture in it.
    10.At the top their a tab that says "upload your own image" Click that
    11.Upload the image you want to use.
    12.Then click the tab that says the word "vertically" on it. I don't remember what the whole tab says.

    Your done! If you want to unable Blogger in Draft, go to your dashboard, un check the box, and sign out. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Hannah! You've been featured in the latest post at Treble Clef!

  3. I like the last kit. My room is painted the same color! :)

  4. These are great! I love the plain brown textured background.

  5. Cute! I love the last kit! The flowers on them are adorable!


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