lovely lips || a product review

Today I am bringing you a review and swatches of a the wet n wild MegaLast Lip Color. I've been using it for the past couple of weeks on and off and am finally ready to share my thoughts with you.

The two shades I received were "Sand Storm" (left) and "Just Peachy" (right). They came (like all of wet n wild's products) in a protective seal, which I really appreciate for lip products. I can't stand when I'm in the drugstore debating on whether or not to buy a lip product because I'm not sure if someone has "tried it on". Gross.
 They retail for around $2.99 for .11 oz. of product. That's a pretty good deal if you ask me!


As you can see, "Just Peachy" is indeed a light, peachy-pink color. In this photo it looks pretty warm-toned, but I found that once I applied it to my lips it appeared cooler. "Sand Storm" I have to say is a tad lighter than a true brick red. It's a warm red, almost rusty, and honestly I think it could work for many different skin tones. It's a pretty universal color.

On myself, I actually preferred Sand Storm, which completely surprised me, because I've never been able to pull of many darker lip colors, due to my thin lips and fair skin. I think it's just one of those colors you can wear when you don't feel like concentrating on eye makeup, maybe with just mascara.

The texture of this lipstick is extremely thick, which doesn't really bother me, because it is insanely pigmented. It's one of those lipsticks where you literally have to take one swipe to each lip and you're good to go. It's also not necessarily that heavy, and once I put it on I didn't notice it.
Also, the finish of these lipstick are really nice. Almost totally matte, which I enjoy. I'm not a fan of frosty shades (at all!), but I really like mattes and cremes.

Staying Power:
I was pretty impressed by the length of time this product stayed put on my lips. I'd say it was a good 3 hours before I had to re-apply, even with the occasional sip of water or quick snack.

None that I noticed, which is a HUGE plus for me, because I can't stand lipsticks with a flavor :P

Hmmm.... Okay. I like the sturdiness/secureness of the packaging, but I don't like how the product itself doesn't retract into the tube. I hope I'm not alone in saying that when lipsticks are un-retractable, a fair amount ends up on the lid. So far it's not that messy (I've been careful) but it can't stay clean forever.

Overall Thoughts:
I like this product a lot, and would definitely give it a solid four out of five stars. And you can't really go wrong with a price like that. I definitely want to pick up some more shades in the line. I'm eyeing "Purty Permission" and "Bare it All" in particular.

Do you own any MegaLast Lip Colors? If not, would you like to give them a try?



  1. Hmm...maybe I should try this lipstick. Great review.

  2. nice swatch :) thanks for this review :) btw your eyes are those real or lenses? :) it's stunning .. love it! :)


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