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I was so excited to start using the Wet n Wild 8-Pan Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette! I had been eyeing it at my local drugstores for a while, and when I discovered it was packed in the box with the other Wet n Wild products I was kind of pumped (to say the least).

retails for $4.99

without flash
 All swatches were made without a primer.
with flash
As you can see in the photos above, all the shadows in this palette contain shimmer, some more than others. However, it's not too overpowering, so I can use them easily for every-day looks. The shadows are what I would say as "buttery" as you can get for a powder product. Extremely soft, but, well, buttery and smooth. 
With a soft texture like they have, they do have some fallout, but not to the point where I can't work with them. All I have to do after creating a look is take a q-tip with a bit of makeup remover and swipe it under my eye.
I find this palette to be very versatile. You can create dozens of different looks that can be both dramatic and natural. The colors are gorgeous as well as useful. As you can see, you have your basic cream-colored highlight shade, a nice copper-y color, and several different options for darker colors. You can use them as liners or give your crease extra depth!

Here are two looks I pulled together with this palette. One is natural, and one is much more dramatic. Hope you like them!
1) Sweep the light cream color all over your lid.
2) Apply the Eyelid color from the brown side of the palette on the outer half of your lid.
3) Softly line your eye with the dark brown Defining shadow
4) Line your waterline with a copper pencil liner
5) Highlight your inner corner with the other "browbone" shade
6) Apply mascara and you're done!

And on to the dramatic look:
1) Sweep the copper crease color into your crease
2) Pack on the bright green lid color
3) Line your top lashline with the dark green crease color and wing it out slightly
4) Smudge the copper crease color into your lower lashline
5) Pat the cream Browbone color onto your inner corner
6) Apply a few coats of mascara and line your waterline with brown and viola! Finished!

I hope you guys enjoyed these tutorials+product review!
Which look is your favorite? What other ones would you create if you had this palette?


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  1. Both looks are really nice! Great review Hannah! :)


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