a photoshoot

Before I get into this post, pleasepleaseplease go check out my little brother's blog! It would make his day if you commented or followed :) also, he's blogging under my account, so when it says at the bottom of the post "published by Hannah", its really him.
Anyway, do you remember Kelsey? The girl with bright blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair *cough* that I am extremely jealous of *cough*?  Well, she is going to be featured again on this blog! Yep, it's time to get excited :)

hair & makeup by yours truly. Would you like a tutorial?

You're gorgeous Kelsey! Thanks for being my model! (oh, and Jodie, I would have put your photos up but I'm gonna let you choose which ones!)
Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway!



  1. She's beautiful! Great pictures!

  2. oh my goodness her eyes are so pretty.
    -jocee <3

  3. These pictures are gorgeous. I really, really love the forth one. Her eyes look so deep and the angle is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

    Yeah, I wanted to follow your little brother but I didn't want to scare because some weird old girl was following him.
    His blog really made me laugh. ;)

  4. Beautiful photos - she is so pretty! :)
    Yes, I would love a tutorial. Especially the hairstyle.



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