if you're a makeup addict, you might want to check these out!

Hola amigos!
I was clicking around blog-land and found several amazing makeup-related giveaways!

1) Fashion Freak: Sigma Giveaway
Click HERE if you want to check out her giveaway.

2) MakeupByJoyce's Huge Holiday Giveaway
Click HERE to check out her giveaway

3) Balderdashinn's huge prizes for first giveaway
Click HERE to go to her giveaway

4) Clairabelle0306 Christmas Giveaway
Click HERE to go to this giveaway

5) Dream Makeup Sigma Giveaway
Click HERE to enter! (I can't cause I don't have a facebook, but you certainly could!)

Happy entering! I'll be back soon with a longer, photo-filled post :)



  1. thanks for the heads up! have a loverly day ;)

  2. Make-up giveaways! Oh yeah! Thanks for posting about them. :)

    ~Ali H.


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