makeup tutorial: bonfire night

so, Sunday night I went to a bonfire at one of my friend's house.
I was thinking and thinking what represents a bonfire in the winter-time, like cool winter snowflakes, warm golds from the flames, and loud, cheerful voices breaking into random song and laughing like crazy.

After pondering these factors an image popped into my mind, so now, I present to you....

bonfire night
products used:

this is how my eyes started out. I had already put on makeup because we went to church earlier. Though you can do this, I suggest starting with clean eyes
step 1: sweep a golden-peach shadow on your entire lid. 

step 2: highlight your inner corner with a silver-y shadow or liner

step 3: sweep a charcoal shadow into your crease and outer corner

step 4: line your waterline with a navy liner

step 5: line your upper lashline with a periwinkle liquid liner

step 6: apply several coats of lengthening mascara, including your bottom lashes. This will make your lashes really pop :)


I hope you guys will find this tutorial useful! As always, if you have any requests for future looks please leave it in a comment. I'll talk to you later :)



  1. By the way, Hannah, did you see that you won my giveaway? Please contact me with your info ASAP. (hedesignsblog@gmail.com) :)


  2. Really nice. And beautiful.
    And thanks for the last pictures. They are lovely.

  3. Gorgeous tutorial, I love the smokey eye affect. Please do a purple smokey eye?


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