Today was a lazy Sunday.
I did absolutely nothing productive (except for make a few more headbands, they'll be added to the shop soon!)
This weekend literally flew, and through sleeping in, being lazy, babysitting, going on etsy, and making headbands, I kind of wish it was longer. Luckily though, Thanksgiving break is coming up! Oh yeah!
I only have Monday, Tuesday, and a half-day Wednesday.
I am super excited for Thanksgiving, you have no idea. Thanksgiving for me is the beginning of the holiday season.

Oh, and another thing I did today:
I designed a new header for my mom's blog! All I have to do now is install it :)

What did you do this Sunday?


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  1. I had to go to a rehearsal, then I put another coat of paint on my sas's bedroom walls. Nothing too exciting, unfortunately.
    Your headbands are really cute! And I love your eye makeup tutorial. Lovely.I really wish I had more makeup!

    -Diana b


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