stress-free again

It was refreshing, taking these photos. I felt relaxed, zero stress. School isn't even stressful, just long, and just taking, looking at, and editing these pictures were the perfect thing to lift the weight off my shoulders I didn't even know was there...

what's your favorite stress reliever?

p.s. it was my mom's birthday yesterday! Please wish her a fabulous year :) Love you mummy ;)
p.s.s. pretty pretty please with sugar on top vote on the poll in the sidebar! :)


  1. that bokeh is deliciously edible! photography is my favourite stress reliever too!

  2. these are so utterly gorgeous.
    photography is a great stress reliever for me, too :)
    happy birthday hannah's mom!

  3. when I'm stressed out I either do that or read. :P Mostly read. beautiful pics! The first is my fav


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