makeup tutorial: autumn metal

soooo, Bree Holloway requested a fall look, and I started thinking: I've already done a nice, soft natural fall look, so how 'bout one on "the wild side" ;)

step one: prime your lids and lower lashline with anything you have. Here I have Revlon Cream Shadow.

step two: pat on a metallic finished dark orange shadow all over your lid and sweep it on your lower lashline. Maybe even bring it out a little for a small, smoky wing :) I'm using a color from a palette by Profusion Cosmetics.

step three: line your waterline with black liner. I used jordana's black eyeliner. (I recently bought this and I like for the waterline, but it's not quite soft enough for the upper lashline :])

step four: line your upper lashline with black liner, liquid, gel, or pencil, I just used Physician Formula's Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner in the black that came with the green eyes trio.

step five: apply a two coats of your favorite black mascara. I used wet n wild's mega volume mascara

if you want me to do any special tutorials please put your requests in a comment!
Happy Monday!



  1. Thanks, Hannah! I love it. :)


  2. Nice! This is my favorite so far:) I have a request for you, but it's not a tutorial I want you to do. At the end of your makeup posts, could you show a picture of the whole face so we know what it looks like, and not just the eye? I hope that made sense:)
    ~Lia discovercaptivating.blogspot.com

  3. That is so beatutiful! Thanks so much!

  4. oh my how that brings out your eyes! :))
    -jocee <3


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