photo shoot pt 2

Do you guys remember Jodie?

c'mon, you have to remember Jodie! She's one of my gawgeous friends :) Well, she's on the bloggity-blog again today, so enjoy!

funny story about this picture. Jodie was sitting in front of this huge bush we have in our yard and I told her, "okay, look over at Kate–seriously, just stare at her face–and try not to think how awkward it is." This caused her to look over at her and make a face similar to one that an elderly toothless woman would make because she was trying not to laugh too hard ;)

thanks for posing, jo :)
which photo is your favorite everybody?

p.s. please vote on the sidebar poll! :) Also, I have two tests today in school, please wish me luck!


  1. Aw, she's so beautiful! My favorite is the last one. :)


  2. Voted on the poll :) Love these pics. My favorite is either 4 or 5... Can't decide..

  3. Very, very beautiful (again). I really like your photography. I've always had trouble with portraits, especially close up pictures. I have to say again, my favorite is the second to last. I really like it.

    Good job and thank you for the photos. I eagerly await more pictures. ;)


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