makeup tutorial: sea goddess

hello bloggy friends! Remember when I told you I was editing photos yesterday? Well, I was! For this tutorial, that is.

I was so excited to put up my very first makeup tutorial that I made several more, so look out for them in the near future.

This first one will be on the dramatic side, but if you ask me, you can still wear it to school–I did, and I got tons of compliments ;]

Here we goooo.....

 start with a completely clean eye, no makeup at all.
step 1: prime you lids with anything you have. I'm using a jumbo eyeliner pencil from rue 21 in silver

step 2: cover you whole lid with gold shadow. I'm using Madison Street Beauty's shadow in Gold Leaf.

step 3: take a teal shadow and put it on the outer half of your lid. I'm using Madison Street Beauty's shadow in "mermaid".
step 4: using a teal blue eyeliner, line your waterline. the eyeliner I'm using is wet'n'wild's eyeliner in turquiose
step 5: apply several coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes. I'm using covergirl's lash-blast waterproof volume blasting mascara in black

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and please comment if you have any questions, suggestions, or requests for other tutorials!



  1. pretty! love the teal and gold together :) never would have thought of it! your eyes are super pretty too! :)

  2. this is so pretty and fun! how about just an everyday look?

  3. Beautiful! I don't wear makeup, but I love seeing these tutorials. :)
    Any tips for a simple, natural look?

  4. Wow that is soooo pretty! I love it! Looking forward to just an everyday simple look...
    --Sara Beth

  5. You have beautiful eyes. :)

  6. pretty! How about just any day look?

  7. AMAZING! I seriously love this! Oh, and you have a beautiful eye color! Love your blog!



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