makeup tutorial: holiday look #1

I've decided that all my tutorials up to Christmas will be holiday looks, so here is look number one!

Holiday Look #1
Products used:
 step 2: take a shimmery white shadow and pat it on the lower half of your lid.

step 3: sweep a pink shadow onto the other half of your lid and into your crease.

step 3: apply a darker pink/red into your outer corner and bring a little bit into your crease.

step 4: to deepen the color even more, apply a darker brown/burgundy color into the outer corner

step 5: take a black gel or cream liner and line your upper lashline, and with the excess on the brush smudge it into the lower lashline/lashes.

step 6: line your waterline with black liner apply mascara. *a quick note* remember in my favorites post when i was saying I didn't like the covergirl lashblast volume mascara? 
Well, I was thinking to myself, "hey, you just ripped on a beauty product you haven't used for a long time. Give it another chance." so I did, and I am officially eating my words. It's way better than I remembered. It didn't clump, and even though I would have rather seen more volume from it, I love the length it gives my lashes.

step 7: enjoy!

p.s. Breanne, your eyeshadows wil be shipped when the other winner responds! Julia M., you have about 34 hours until I have to pick a new winner :/ please email me with your address!


  1. that's beautiful! thanks for the tutorial.

  2. This look is so pretty and perfect for the Holidays!

  3. You look very pretty!!!!

  4. This is such a beautiful look and not too overwhelming. Just very enhancing. I love it.

    And you look beautiful. Thank you. =)

  5. The makeup is amazing... You look amazing too.

  6. I don't generally wear/like makeup, but this looks really pretty.

  7. Love this look! :) so glad you rediscovered the covergirl lashblast volume mascara! I really like how it lengthens and doesnt clump too! But like you also said in your favorites poSt, it does feel starchy and drying :( but its a great mascara overall! :)

    Requests: frosty winter look! And makeup collection? Lol i watch beauty gurus on youtube too and they always say this is super requested sooo yeah i guess im your first (i think?) "requester" :) :)


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