all i want for christmas (etsy edition)

After browsing etsy, I have accumulated a handful of pretties that I've put together a Christmas list with. Let's begin, shall we?

1. Chickadee Pendant
Chickadee Pendant - Bird Jewelry - Antique Brass Pendant Necklace - Bird Pendant - Photo Jewelry - Wearable Art - Under 25 - Photo Pendant

Is this not adorable? I would love to wear this, wouldn't you?

2. Glamorous Gray Necklace Scarf
Limited time only...Glamorous Gray......Flamenco..Necklace Scarf....Silver dusted and sequined....Le dernier cri...

oooh, this is so pretty! Perfect to spice up any outfit :)

3. Heather Eyeshadow
Heather - Pure & Natural Mineral Eyeshadow
This is from an etsy makeup shop I found. Their products look so pretty, and this one is one of my favorites!

4. Five Printed Cards
Five hand block printed cards and envelopes
Wouldn't you love to write a letter with this?

5. navy blue flower headband
free shipping navy blue flower white feather headband-- Hallie
Okay, this is seriously gorgeous. I would wear it pretty much every single day.

6. red melting heart love t-shirt
red melting heart love t-shirt tie dye new women listen to your romantic spring fashion one side printed
How cute is this?! Don't you love it?

7. Cable Beret Hat in Wood Brown

Hand Knit Hat - Cable Beret Hat in Wood Brown - Winter Accessories Fall Fashion Chunky Knit
Love. This. To. Death. Too bad its like $60 :(

Well, I hope you enjoyed this spout of greed on my part ;) Happy shopping!



  1. Lovely! They are all going in my favorites♥

  2. I love the stuff you picked. I agree... Lovely. :)

  3. Ah, wish lists. :) My wish list is one of more technical stuff - main thing being the iPod classic that I have been drooling over (not to mention it has 160GB) for a while now. But a girl can dream, right?


  4. I have stuff I want from etsy too. I <3 Etsy =)

  5. Did you get any of this stuff for Christmas???


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