I've been re-thinking my book. Well, that, and I've just been thinking about it. The more I think, the more I want to write it. But honestly, I don't know where to start. I know, I know, if your going to write a book, start at the beginning, but thats not how my brain works.
My mom just told me yesterday when I was saying this to her, that I learned the alphabet by random letters, and eventually I just threw them together and they became the alphabet.

So I started with Jade, As she is my main character.
This is the first re-do of Jade:
I like it, but she seems too shy, too quiet, not like a strong, courageous warrior ;)

I really like this one! Her outfit is just about perfect. When I drew it I could totally see Jade living her life in it :)

I like this one, but its a bit too soft for her. I definitely like #3 the best!

I'll post the re-dos of Trina some other time. I'm not promising tomorrow because I'm still working on them ;)


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  1. Whoa. You're so good at drawing!! *coughcoughjealouscough*
    -Joceee <3


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