art+me=a bottomless pit of imagination

i. love. art. I really do. It's a part of me that I need to nurture consistently. Whether its watercolors, a ball point pen or just a broken crayon I need to draw or paint at least once a day.



Drawing relieves me of stress. I let all my emotions flow out onto the paper. Writing also a good stress-reliever, but somehow whenever I grab a notebook and a pen to write my mind goes blank. Meanwhile, when I'm drawing I think up tons of stories in my head and usually the people on the paper end up being the characters. For instance....

Meet Jade


Jade is a courageous, clever, heroin-to-be. With jade-green eyes and a jade-green scarf around her head, she faces the world with a determination only she can have. Jade was orphaned as a child, her father left before she was born and her mother was tragically killed by Queen Isa's knights, as she was accused for overhearing the queens plan for... well, you'll have to find out ;)

Queen Isa herself adopted the baby and kept the secret of Jade's true mother from her.
As Jade grew up in the castle, she noticed how different she was from her mother. At last, she discovered the truth, and another dangerous secret along with it.

Jade travels around the country, uncovering the mysteries of her past. But she doesn't go alone...

Meet Trina


Trina, Jade's spunky companion, is the always-optimistic one of the pair. She thinks plans out carefully before she puts them into action, and often does things better when she wings it.

Being half elvish she has an excellent sense of hearing and smell, and is very light on her feet. She often speaks in poetry and is excellent as solving riddles.

Her only real fault is that she breaks down under pressure. Will this weakness end up risking the lives of both her and Jade? You'll have to wait and see ;)

Along their way, Jade and Trina meet friends and foes, allies and enemies and here is one of each:

                  Meet Ana                                                                                                                           Meet Fawn


Ana is a shy, artistic, caring half-elf. She has a knack for animals and her favorite moments are when she is alone with her pet falcon. She meets Trina and Jade during their adventure and is happy to offer them help when they need it.

Fawn is a quick-thinking, mysterious, beauty. She is also half elfin and brings her mischievousness that is naturally in her elfin blood to a new extent. Her heart smothered in evil, she tries as hard as she can to stop Jade and Trina from finding out the truth of Jade's past.

Well, there you have it! Whenever I draw, things usually end up like that and I'm emersed in my own thoughts and paintings. Which character is your favorite?


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  1. Those are beautiful- you are so talented! I'm always super jealous of people who can paint... my forte is stick figures. ;)


  2. oh wow! you are super talented. these are great!! :)

    k xx


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