giveaway winner

Hi guys! Last weeks giveaway winner is...

Thats the second giveaway Lauren won on here! Girl, you are a lucky dog! Oh, and there were only twelve entries last week. Come on guys.....

And I'm sorry to say there will be no giveaway this week, but, there will be next week so stay tuned! Also, sorry for announcing the winner a little late!

Moving right along...
I downloaded FreeMind on our computer yesterday and I've been tooling around with it a bit.

For any of you who are wondering, I did not outright copy Ara's layout, The names for the branches just fit :)
Inspired by the ever wonderful Ara I got to work.

This is possibly the best outlining tool on earth, and I don't even like outlining!

Anywho, here's what I've been up to for the past few days:

A painting I did

I've been oil painting!! Oil is my new favorite medium. Here's my favorite one that I've done so far:

A painting I did

I love this! I think this is the first tiger I've painted/drawn in my life. Except I did few when I was little and they were *cough* terrible ;)

Aah, and a few days ago I was baking and luckily there were still leftovers:




so. good.

Question: What is your favorite dessert? I love cake but you can't beat a good old ice cream sundae!

Happy Friday!



  1. Wow, you are a very talented painter AND baker! Your paintings are beautiful and that cake looks absolutely delicious.


  2. Dear Soul Sister, OH.MY.LANTA. Your art is beautiful! I am so jealous, I saw your water colors and fell right out of my chair! You crazy fool, you are amazing! Keep posting your art! Love you;)


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