I'm Sponsoring a Giveaway!

Yep, that's right! I got an email yesterday saying some very flattering things about my photography on etsy and asking if I could sponsor a giveaway! Here's the thing:
The girl is having the giveaway when she reaches 100 followers. She has 76 now, I think and I'm posting this to help her out. Go follow Kendra! Just click HERE!!
And here are some photos:

Just a random assortment of photos. The second to last one is in my etsy shop. I am still pretty obsessed with etsy. I haven't purchased anything yet but I do have some extra money lying around (literally lying around. I had an extra $40 dollars from a couple babysitting adventures and *cough cough* now I uh, *cough* can't find it. :))
Also, do't forget to enter my blog design giveaway!



  1. Cool! I'll go over to Kendra's blog and follow! :) Awesome photography!

  2. Very nice! I like the flip flop one best! :) I'm already following her but I'll post the button for ya!


  3. Hello dear!
    For some reason, your contact me page is not working...I received your comment about being willing to sponsor me! Thank you so much! Please e-mail me at: miss.raquel316@gmail.com and we can talk more.

    ~Miss Raquel

  4. I did just visit Kendra's blog.... So cool! That would be so awesome to live in Egypt, I bet she thinks the same way about America!

    And those are such cool pictures! My parents aren't professional photographers, but they like to think they are.... my mom is really good at editing pictures so they look awesome.

  5. to all others who just read my comment... you can visit my Mom's blog at


    she blogs a lot about me and my sisters, but there are so many cool pictures!


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