Its killing me!

Hey guys! I am absolutely dying to install the new design but I promised that I wouldn't until the day after  Thanksgiving :P Anywho, I thought you might like a preview of the design:

Seriously, I love it! I hope you guys do to!
And here is a random thing I did in Photoshop:
I call it "Peephole" :)

nutty sig


  1. From looking at the sneak peek, your design looks awesome! I like your "Peephole" pic! :)

  2. Ummmm, Hannah... The other day I was doing some stuff on my blog and checking out the incredible design you did on it, and I realized something. You know the blog button you did for me? Well, when you click on it, it doesn't lead to my blog site like it's supposed to. It leads to a blog called Manic Mother or something. Can you fix this or at least do something about it???


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