You asked, I answered!

Hey guys! Here are the answers to the questions you asked me:

Abby asked:
How did you start blogging?
Good question! My mom actually suggested it to me. She described it like it was an online diary, and I was like, "hook me up!' ;)
What is your favorite food to make?
Probably cake. But I like to make anything really!
What is your favorite wild animal?
I don't know much about wild animals but I'm going to have to say a cheetah. Why? No idea. I just like them.

The Golden Eagle asked:
What's your favorite thing to do when your bored and/or alone?
Well, being in a family with six people I don't get too much alone time but when I do I soak it up. If you shut me in a room with nothing in it but a drawing pad and a broken crayon I'd be occupied for 3+ hours :).
But I'd have to say my favorite thing to do while I'm alone and bored is get out all of my drawing supplies, pop in a good book on tape and just let my feelings and/or stress out on the paper. Also I love to write what I call "in-the-moment poems", which are basically poems that state every detail about that very moment.

Thanks for asking your questions Abby and Golden Eagle! I enjoyed answering them!
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