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Hello readers! Today I went over too my grandma's house with my two friends and all of my siblings (it was a half-day for my friends) and we took my cousins and my neighbor to the park down the street from my grandma's. Let me jut say, those three kids (two toddlers and one baby) are the cutest in three kids in the world. We had so much fun with them and of course, I brought my camera but I'm unable to post photos any of the cuties on my blog, same thing with my friends. :(
Anywho, it was a nice day and somehow the subject of caramel frappachinos from Starbucks came up at least four times so that would always lead us to moan and groan about how we wanted the delicious coffee milkshake :)
And also at the moment I'm in love with etsy. Isn't it just the best website ever?? All of these lovely handmade things from all around the world right in front of you! I have a gadget on my sidebar for my own etsy shop, *wink wink* though, its not very impressive. I'm trying to improve it though! :)
Do you have a etsy shop? If you do I would love to know!

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