I made a header for my mom's blog!

And I tried several different designs before I got it right! Here is the old one:

Here is the first one that I tried to make:

 I made the tree from a picture of an apple tree in our yard. Any way, the second one:

Again, the tree :) ^ Here's the third: 

Notice the kids running around the tree ^_^ I'm gettin' closer to the finished design! Fourth: 

Since my mom's blog title is "Being Home", she wanted a house in the design. That's a silhouette of our house. When I showed her the design above she loved it, but wanted the tree and running children, so:

I mashed it together! And there's the finished product! Visit my mom's blog by clicking the final banner!
Which one is your favorite and what do you think of the finished product?


  1. Beautiful! I love the finished product the best, but I also really liked the one with just the tree and the kids playing under it.
    -Amy Hollis
    (I'm a photographer on Bloom!)

  2. It's pretty! I like the last one too.

    Abby :D


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