Blog banners and tennis

I love making blog headers! I enjoy it so much! I love experimenting with the little silhouette people and placing them all over the letters. I just think they're so cute! I will make a header for the first person to comment on this post for free. I can use an image or just a solid background. Anyway, I've been helping out with the local high school tennis team and its super fun!! I went to practices with them in the summer but now I'm not allowed to for some stupid rule. :)
But I'm allowed to go to the matches and ride on the bus with them so its still fun. Here are some photos:


  1. I love tennis! I've only played it once, but it was fun!! :D Haha, love that last pic! Priceless. :P


  2. Do you use a special photoediting program to make the shadows? I'd love to have the link! You can leave it as a comment on my blog akskorner.blogspot.com

  3. Great pics, everyone looks so happy! :)Cute little people!

  4. Coool! Tennis. You know, I'm watching the US Open. I'm rooting for Clijsters, then I'm a big fan of Djokovic, but I think a Fed- Nadal finals'd be interesting. How about you?

  5. RiaRamona:
    I would love to see the Federer/Nadal match! I wouldn't know who I'd want to win though lol!


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