Starbucks frappachino (YUM!)

Do you know what this is?

Its my first caramel-coffee frappachino (I'm not sure how you spell it ;) from Starbucks. Actually its my first anything from Starbucks *looks sheepishly at feet*.
Talk about heavenly. It was so good! What's your favorite thing to get from Starbucks?


  1. I just had one of those yestrday! CANT LIVE WITHOUT MY COFFEE

  2. I've never eaten anything from Starbucks. :P

  3. Hate coffee, hate tea, hate cocoa, hate chocolate (not even allowed) love vanilla bean hot CHOCOLATE. I know...but it doesn't taste at all like choclate. If there is none at Starbucks there is a Second Cup, and REALLY I nee- want a second cup (:

    Hey, I personally LOVE that text font on your blog and many others. PLEASE tell me how to get it!!!!!
    Fast-sorry-I just kind renovated me blag and I really just loove that font. thanks so much. Meghan Grace

  4. Starbucks is amazing! I normally go with the non-coffee fraps, but they're all wonderful... I would also suggest the fall drinks, especially the Carmel Apple Spice (apple cider.. It's my newest addiction. ;)

  5. Cool! I actually haven't gotten anything from Starbucks. But maybe a caramel-coffee frappachine will be my fist! :)


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