Believe it or not,
there were real wizards in our yard yesterday!

I know, it's amazing!! lol!
They chose my sister to fly with them!
First flight!
Gettin' the hang of it!
We thought that once we said goodbye to the wizards, they would leave, but oh no!
It's kind of frightening to see wizards coming through your walls :)
But they did it a few times and let me take a few pics :D
Then when they were done cooperating they started zooming around the room!
When they finally left, we didn't really think that they came, but then, how do you explain the pictures? :D


  1. I'm not one for Wizards.
    Not because it's SCARY, but because if you look them up in Wickepeia, they're actually EVIL!

    Funny how you did those pics though!!!!

  2. yeah it took a while to figure out lol!


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