I Have Returned!!!

So I'm finally back,
and I have a lot to tell!
About two weeks ago my family went to our mountain house.
It was so so so beautiful up there! 
I took like, a gazillion pictures and had a very hard time choosing which one to put into this post :)

The snow was melting which meant that there were those little rivers on the side of the paths and I just had to stop and look at every one!

When it was time to leave, we were hoping to be able to sled down the driveway but weren't getting the hang of it, so Luke decided he would give rides on his sled:

We had a blast!


  1. Love your new background.
    i had that once.
    You should check out MY blog sometime!!!

    have a great day,

  2. yeah ive tried but i don't know how to get the invitation you sent me :( im going to keep trying tho :)


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