As most of you know, I'm homeschooled. But today, I went to school for the first time since preschool! Today, I shadowed my awesome friend and had great time (mostly)! It was awesome to make some new friends.
I got up around 6:30 and put on what was pretty close to the school's uniform (it's a Catholic school.) and I went over to the bus stop to meet my friend, unfortunately I couldn't ride the bus because we hadn't made arrangements, but I talked with her a few minutes and said I would meet her at the school.
My mom drove me there and I waited outside for my friend. When she got off the bus she introduced me to a lot of the girls in her class. They were all so funny and nice that I was instantly relaxed.
When the bell rang we were herded inside. I don't think the woman waving us in even noticed me, which was a little weird, but hey, at least I got a friendly greeting from the girls lol!
The first class was math, followed by Spanish, then science, social studies, and art. Then (thank goodness!) LUNCH!!!!!!!!! I was so hungry and was ready for a break from sittin' in classes watching other kids do worksheets :)
Lunch was probably the best part of the day. I sat with five or six girls and got to know them better.
We all ate our lunches and then feasted on ice cream.
After lunch was religion an then English. The last class was reading, the only class I participated in, and all I did was read a page of "Hatchet", which is an awesome book by the way. After reading we were free, FREE AT LAST!!! lol it wasn't as bad as I mad it sound though. I made a lot of new friends, lunch was great, and only one of the teachers was kind of phsyco....... and even if I was horribly tired and hot at the end of the day, it was new, interesting and fun and-oops! there's the bell! All those reading my post are dismissed! lol! :D


  1. That's fuuny (:
    So cool that you went to your friends school for a day!
    I was in school SK and gr. one. Some of my other friends were begining to be homeschooled, so we wanted to try it out!
    So we did, and we like it!!!
    We've been in it for three years now.



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