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I honestly can't even tell you guys how I let my little blog sit for this long without making any form of appearance, but somehow it happened. I guess I've been too caught up in the thing we call "highschool" to worry about other things. I've barely picked up my camera the past few weeks, and it's almost been painful with the horrible lack in photography in my life.

But today I wanted to capture some everyday moments. There was no model. No fancy subject. No perfect lighting. Just life as I know it. And it happened to be Mark sorting out his halloween candy. Something so simple to anyone else, but to me behind the camera, it was food for my starving creativity. It is by no means my best work, but you know what : I don't care. It doesn't have to be.
All I wanted to do was take photos. And that's what I did. I photographed this little moment for me. Because next year, this may not happen. I may have documented the last time someone sorted halloween candy in our house. We all grow up. And I know it's silly, but if you think about it, there's always a last time for everything.
There's that last hug between an unmarried woman and her father before she steps up to the altar to become a newlywed.
There's that last pitch a major league pitcher throws before retiring.
There's that last rehearsal someone goes through before becoming a broadway star.

I just captured the last halloween candy sorting. No, it's not special. But you never know, someday my family and I may look back at these photos and smile.


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  1. As simple and everyday as these photos are, they are special and create a lovely atmosphere.


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