life as of late No. 4

1. Breath Hannah, breathe. 
Lately I feel like I've been forgetting to breathe. I forget what it's like to not want or expect things, and remember the things that trouble me. What with highschool tennis, ridiculous amounts of homework, and trying to keep up with blog designs, I'm wound up so tight I'm about to burst. It's times like this when I just need to grab a mug of tea, eat a cupcake or two, and read a good book. Or paint. Or even just sit by a window and forget things for a while.

2. Little joys
This is sort of a continuation of number one. I want to list some of the things that have made me happy in the past few days:

-hugs from Mark
-packages in the mail that contain perhaps the most adorable keychains in the entire universe
-new shoes
-laughing at inside jokes
-highschool football games
-chewy chocolate chip granola bars
-birthday wishes (yes, my birthday was on 9/11. God bless the victims and their families of that tragic attack.)
-nail polish
-inspiring quotes
-the fact that Kate decorated Jodie's hair with flowers 
-peach rings from my brother because of my tennis accomplishment
-my tennis team
-secret handshakes between Mark and myself
-the office
-designing blogs

3. Fall
Omigoodness I cannot believe it's fall. Right at this very moment a chilly breeze is hitting me from my window. Fall is without a doubt my absolute favorite season. Jeans, hot chocolate, pumpkins, bright and crisp leaves crunching with every step you take outside...... No other season is quite as cozy as fall.

What has your life consisted of lately? Are you as excited for fall as I am?



  1. I like this post. :) and these pictures are simply beautiful!


  2. I am so excited for fall, which is crazy because I never used to like fall all that much...everything is dying. :/ But now, with the excitement of cooler weather, cute clothing, warm drinks and cozy socks, I'm all for it. Plus, orangey-red leaves are incredibly photogenic.

  3. Ah! Your photos are absolutely breathtaking! Loved this post, and I totally know what you mean about forgetting to breathe- this time of year is always so hectic!


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