how I shoot

I apologize for the lack in words on this blog. I feel like I have nothing to say. School has kept me busy and whenever I get time to shoot I take it, and I often forget about the story woven into the images.
And was trying to change that. I was trying to make each click of the shutter mean something to me. But I realized that for me, it's not about each individual photo that is produced, it's not about the story in one or two of them.
It's about the pictures as a whole, and how I feel while I'm taking them. Because I'm finally seeing that maybe that trying to pull a story out of every single photo just isn't how I shoot. That isn't what defines me as a photographer. I like to see the big picture.
Everybody is different and unique. This is just how I prefer to shoot and think of photography.

What about you?


  1. I can't pull something special out of each photo - there are just some photos that don't mean anything specific to me, actually. But when I look at my photos, I experience a certain feeling that can't exaclty be put into words, other than love. As in, a protective, motherly sort of love. My photos are my "babies". ;D So yeah, we all are different.


  2. These shots are all so incredibly beautiful Hannah! Sometimes I shoot intentionally to capture something special, but other times I just take photos because there was something that looked worth capturing. Not every photo of mine has a story behind it, but I love it when they do! :)


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