hello, spring.

I. love. spring. with. a. fierce. burning. passion.

An  update on my life:
Lots of testing in school (blech) and lots of basketball playing with my Mark. Seriously, this kid is good. Or maybe I just stink. Probably a little bit o' both ;) I've played "around the world" with him at least ten times in the last three days and I haven't won once.
Yeah, that's kinda embarrassing but it's still fun, and in my defense, I don't shoot too horribly, he just shoots extremely well...

Have you gotten warm weather yet? Which photo is your favorite?

p.s. I just did a makeup tutorial for green eyes (Happy belated St. Patty's Day!) on my beauty blog, and don't forget to link up to Sunday Spark!


  1. These are so pretty, Hannah! I think this one is my favorite, but it's hard to choose.

  2. I'm so jealous because we have VERY few signs of spring where I am and I am so tired of yucky, rainy weather! Hopefully we'll have some blooms soon! :)


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