vacation part I

Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys, it's really hard to get internet connection here :)

I am loving my vacation! It is so awesome just to be alone and have quiet all day long, even if it's hard to get used to (you people with 3+ siblings will understand this!).
During the car drive here I watched as the scenes out my window shifted from suburbs to city to long, endless roads to countryside and back to suburbs again, only the neighborhood I'm in now is so much more quiet than the one I live in (seriously, I'm outside typing this and all I hear are crickets chirping and a dog barking on and off in the distance).

sorry this is a picture-less post but when you only have one bar of internet connection the photo uploader doesn't really cooperate :P
So now I will leave you for who knows how long, maybe until I get back, but the laptop battery is in the red zone and there is a scary bug buzzing around so I'll talk to ya'll later!

I hope I can post again soon!
till next time,


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