in the sun

Over the past few days I've been in the hot sun for an average of four hours a day. Why? Because I've been ballpersoning for a pro tennis tournament.
Super fun, though it requires a whole lot of focus. At one point one of the head ballgirls fainted. The scariest on-court experience ever. No worries though, she was just dehydrated, and recovered quickly after downing two bottles of Powerade. Unfortunately, then a ballboy got sick and had to walk off the court, which is why I had to work the net by myself. The most fun, intense moments of my ballpersoning career :) But sadly, the woman who runs and organizes the ballpeople pulled me off court. She thought I looked sick because I had a "little" sunburn on my face. Oh well. (seriously, you should see my sunburn. Man, I wish I got tan, all I get is red and freckled :P fortunately, sunburn doesn't hurt me, it just looks bad :])
Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, since the past week has been so hectic i haven't gotten a chance to even pick up my camera.
I think this week will be a little less busy, and there are some gorgeous lilacs or something blooming here, so I'll pull my camera out its vacation and start snapping photos like a maniac again ;)

till next time,

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  1. Hey, Hannah!! I replied to your comment on my blog... but just in case you didn't see it... =)

    If you want me to invite you (that's how it works) shoot me an email at hannah@farmgirlinflipflops.com (or comment on my blog!) I can definitely send you an invite!! I'll just need your email address and that's it!! 'Cuz I'd hate for you to be missing out, haha!

    You've got to sign up with twitter or facebook. But since I have neither, there is a way around it - just get a twitter account, sign up for pinterest, and then delete it! I know for a fact that it works like a charm. =)


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