three days of cuteness: day two+happy birthday to the best dad in the world!

And now ladies and gents, it's time for me to inform you that it is my dad's birthday. Yeeeah buddy!
Let me just tell you this:

My dad is amazing!

Here are 10 awesome things about my dad:

1. he can think up the best answers for "scategories"

2. he's fun

3. he's smart

4. he's just about the best pancake/french toast/waffle maker in the world (if anyone who works at a waffle house or something is reading this, you should be disappointed  he's not working for you)!

5. he's a great teacher

6. he's very serious about his faith

7. he's a hard worker

8. he can make anyone laugh easily

9. he's honest

10. my dad cares about and loves everyone in his family. How do I know this? Because he shows it each and everyday. And thats why he's so awesome :)

Happy birthday Daddy! I love you!


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  1. Aww! How cute! I love her adorable smile + little teeth! ;)
    Happy birthday to your dad!


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