vacation part II [photos]

Sorry I haven't posted in a while guys, I have very little access to the internet here, but I'm having a great time on my vacation!
But, good things must come to an end sometime or another and tomorrow I'm leaving. Going home.
I've had such a great time and am dreading getting all my things together tonight. Who agrees that the hardest part about vacation is packing your things to go home?

But, I did have a great time, and I have tons of fun memories to take home with me. A few days ago I went over to my cousin's house and we went shopping, had a sleep over, and hung out the next day. So. Fun. While shopping I got a fabulous top at aeropostale (50% off sale babbyyyyy), and some other stuff that I won't reveal until I get home (this is mostly because my family will be reading this post later and I want to surprise them with what I got for them, especially Kate ;])

Anywho, I have to shout-out to Hope, who won the design giveaway: Hope, I have your design ready, I just haven't been able to show it to you with the lack of internet connection. Very sorry!

I'll sign off now and tell you more about my vacay when i get back!



  1. looks like your having fun! :) can't wait to see the design! don't worry about it though :P

  2. Packing to go home is hard haha! I love the old, vintage feel of these pictures! So glad you had lots of fun!

  3. Oh how fun! I agree with you on the hardest part is going home. It's like your ready to come home, but at the same time you just want to stay a bit longer.

    Beautiful photos and can't wait to see more!


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