I desperately need inspiration. For drawing, for writing, for photography, for fashion. This grey weather is driving me bonkers! There's nothing colorful to photograph and whenever I suggest a photoshoot no one seems to want to have one. And then...


I know it's time to look at old photos...




My old photos are almost enough. But I feel I need some more, so I come to the good old blog world and visit a few of my favorite bloggers. Like...

and a new favorite:

And believe me, these are only a few of my favs! There are many others but I think by the time I finished posting them I would be celebrating my fortieth birthday ;)

What, or who, gives you inspiration?


P.S. I'm going to my good friend's highschool musical tonight with her family and my li'l sis. I'll post photos of our shazzy outfits tomorrow! And don't forget to enter the giveaway! Only four entrants so far, come on guys :)


  1. I know what you mean about lacking inspiration, it happens to me a lot. But looking at pictures and blogs, like you said, is very helpful. And sometimes, if you just wait a bit, waves of inspiration will pass through again. :)

    Your photos are amazing! I especially love that last one, of the field and the clouds. It looks professional. :)


  2. Hi Hannah,

    this is the first time reading your blog in a while since we were on family vacation.

    Some things I enjoy doing when I need inspiration is go outside with my Bible and allow God to show me things, and to repeat verses and really ponder on the words. I pray too, it helps, lots. I look into the sky and leave my mind blank, and allow God to fill it.

    There are "a lot" of good, wholesome inspiring blogs on my profile, and some of my posts have been "rated" as inspirational.

    I hope this helps.
    Love through CHRIST, and keep instep with the Spirit!!

    Meghan <3 <><

  3. Aw! Why thank you! I'm so glad to be a source of inspiration! This gray and snowy weather is driving me crazy as well! I'm ready for some colors and definitely wish the sun would come back. ;) LOVE those photos, chica! The last one is simply stunning and the second is gorgeous (not to mention that I now want some of that dessert AND would love to see grass like in the first one!)

    Have a lovely day!


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