i heart faces: best face photo of february

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I really should enter I Heart Faces challenges more. They're so fun! Here's my photo for this challenge:

My cousins 

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  1. Oh my gosh...OK, so this is weird. I was looking through some photos online from my summer camp and I came across one that was of a girl playing the guitar. And I was racking my brain and was finally like 'I remember that girl! Her name's Hannah!' and then I had another revelation because the girl in the photo looked EXACTLY like you. So, like, I don't even know if it was actually you and we've met but didn't know it or whether it's just weird, but I thought you might find that funny.

  2. That's a great picture!

    (I love the beads on your header, BTW.)

  3. Sally:
    Well I haven't been to summer camp but I do play the guitar :) I doubt it was me, but thats totally weird! I guess I have an evil twin ;)

  4. Hannah,
    Since you haven't sent me any pictures for the magazine yet, I'm just going to use this one, because it fits perfectly.

    Forever Magazine Manager


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